50 At Home Self Care Ideas

Slow down with these easy self care ideas


While 2020 was an utter write-off for most of us, there is one thing that we got better at - taking care of ourselves. It was a chance to slow down and enjoy time with ourselves and our loved ones. We must carry that same energy in 2021, as the foundations within ourselves are the key to happiness and success in every other area of our life; in relationships and our careers. 

Below is a list of 50 self-care ideas that you can try at home:

  1. Crawl under fresh bed sheets.
  2. Buy yourself flowers or even better, pick them yourself.
  3. Meditate.
  4. Light a candle or incense.
  5. De-clutter your space.
  6. Create something, even if you’re not the worlds best artist.
  7. Write a gratitude list.
  8. Escape to another world through a book.
  9. Breathe in some fresh air.
  10. Watch the sunset.
  11. Make a home cooked meal from scratch.
  12. FaceTime a loved one.
  13. Send a love letter.
  14. Journal your thoughts.
  15. Take your time with your skincare routine.
  16. Watch a movie, but mindfully. Don’t check your phone at the same time. Don’t forget snacks either.
  17. Bake some delicious treats.
  18. Get your hands dirty in the garden. 
  19. Steam your face with essential oils.
  20. Wear your favorite jewellery even if you’re not leaving the house.
  21. Stretch your body.
  22. Schedule your week, allowing time to be productive and restful.
  23. Move intentionally, even when brushing your hair or getting changed.
  24. Put on some pretty lingerie.
  25. Unfollow anyone on social media that doesn’t make you feel good.
  26. Listen to your favorite music.
  27. Simply, smile.
  28. Unsubscribe from overwhelming junk emails.
  29. Have a no-phone day.
  30. Write down some positive affirmations.
  31. Write a list of things that make you happy.
  32. Take a hot bubble bath and fill it with your favourite scents.
  33. Physical touch - hug someone. 
  34. Compliment someone.
  35. Write a poem, again, it doesn’t have to be award winning but try expressing your emotions without judgement.
  36. Have a little singalong and dance in the kitchen. 
  37. Write a reverse to-do list of all the things you’ve accomplished today.
  38. Drink more water.
  39. Create mood boards on Pinterest.
  40. Put on your pjs or loungewear for the whole day.
  41. Learn something new - perhaps a language or a hobby you’ve been meaning to?
  42. Watch a movie with your friends remotely - Netflix party!
  43. Snuggle your pet (or look at pictures of cute dogs online).
  44. Make a good cup of coffee or tea and enjoy it slowly. 
  45. Go for a drive and listen to your favorite playlist that makes you feel good.
  46. Don’t check your phone as soon as you wake up.
  47. Let yourself daydream.
  48. Pamper yourself with a face mask or a do-it-yourself manicure.
  49. Feel your emotions, even the scary ones.
  50. Empty out your wardrobe. 

Don’t put too much pressure on yourself though, it’s ok to simply just exist some days. Self care means giving yourself whatever you need that day, you’re allowed to listen to yourself and act on it, even if that means watching all eight hours of Bridgerton in one day. 

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