Pocket Guide To Morning Meditation

Phone off, mind on.


Morning meditations have become a daily ritual healthy lifestyle activity, but what is the real relationship between meditation and health?

Initially, meditation is a practice that allows you to achieve a state of full inner concentration, the highest point of relaxation, and leads to spiritual growth. Meditation frees our mind from the constant thought process and helps to release, to enable thoughts to flow naturally.

How to meditate

For starters, choose a place where you will feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible. Turn off your phone. Make sure nothing distracts you. It is best to sit on the floor, it helps to open hip joints and release tensed muscles of the legs. 

Turn on pleasant music, preferably instrumental or proper meditation music that will help you plunge into a state of bliss. Focus on your breathing. How do you breathe? Breathing can tell a lot about the condition of your body at this particular moment. Are you calm today?

Rest. Meditation is relaxation for the purpose of spiritual growth. Release all your problems and trust the Universe. Feel how positive energy fills your body and your mind. Notice how your mood changes.

The practice of meditation does not need to be long. 10 minutes in the morning is enough to set yourself up for a good mood during the day.

Undoubtedly, meditation has a positive effect on mental health. It helps to reduce stress, to focus, and to relieve anxiety and fear. The process of respiration is also normalized and the body is saturated with oxygen, which increases brain activity throughout the day.

The state of psychological health is closely related to physical health. By practicing meditation, you get rid of stress, which, as a rule, is the root cause of many diseases.

Meditate with pleasure!


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