Ash Lune Sings About Loving And Hating Parties

An acoustic version of her ‘Panic At The Party’ has just come out.


Born in a musical, Indian family, 23-year-old Ash Lune and her mysterious, sensual voice stand somewhere between Lana del Rey and Birdy, which she describes as her inspirations. ‘I want to be a time machine and take people back to the early-2000s, the era of some of the most beautiful love songs ever written,’ she admits.

This is exactly how her newest single, ‘Panic At The Party,’ sounds like. The monumental and mesmerizing song is completed by her delicate and emotional vocal, sharing an authentic and relatable story about social anxiety and emotional disconnect.

‘You'd think "Well if you don't like parties, don't go parties". I love parties because I don't like being alone, so that makes me social. However, I hate parties because I get anxious about every single thing I say or do in a social scenario,’ discloses Ash. And she continues, ‘There's always at least one moment during a party when I'll look around and realize that if the lights were on we'd all look like idiots intoxicating ourselves into a temporary bubble. At that moment the weight of the world comes back, the bubbles break, and everything goes south.’

The song is accompanied by a music video and an acoustic version in which Ash is joined by string musicians Kathryn McKee and Tabea Sitte. The new version of ‘Panic At The Party’ articulates the truthful nature of the singer’s confession. ‘I spent the night before changing the notes of the composition. I made it darker because it sounded even more honest that way,’ shares Ash.

‘Panic At The Party’ by Ash Lune is for everyone who doesn’t like being alone but simultaneously, feels intimated by the crowd. 


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