What I Miss About Nights Out

It's the little things that count.


I think I speak for us all when I say, I really miss a good night out.

By that I mean a pre-pandemic night out- no masks or social distancing, just getting uncomfortably familiar with strangers over a vodka cranberry while Free From Desire pumps over the speakers.

In light of this, I've compiled the top five things I miss about nights out. So grab your jeans, shove on your nice top, and be ready to become immersed.

1. Pre-pres

I don't believe the period before pre-drinking is talked about enough. It's a magical space, transcending all logic and reason. But at the same time, it's a militant operation we've got down to a tee. And not to exaggerate, but the decisions you have to make are basically life or death. What meal do you eat beforehand? Is it a heels or trainers kind of night? Did you forget to tan? And will you throw on an instant tan with glitter in it from 2005 as a last resort?

However, once you're ready, the vibes from entering the pre space and seeing all your mates ready to go are immaculate.

2. Pres

There's a reason why this segment needed its own introduction. If you do it right, pre-drinks can be the best part of the night. I don't mean all the alcohol (please drink responsibly), I mean the excitement in the air. No matter if someone's commandeered the TV and is playing a questionable EDM playlist through it, or if Jessica's in tears because her boyfriend's cousin's neighbour's aunt unfollowed her on Instagram, a night of bopping about with your mates is on the cards. I'd bottle that feeling and sell it if I could.

3. Experiencing the pub/bar/club

Hurray! Your party of friends, and a few stragglers on, have arrived safely at whatever venue you've chosen. The anxiety of handing over your I.D to the bouncer for inspection, even though you're 23, has passed.

After the first few drinks, the real night-out staples come into play. I must ask- what is it with going to the bathroom in a nightclub, and missing all the fun? You take one quick trip to the toilets and find that two of your mates are missing, a further three are taking way too many "candid" pics for the gram, and Kanye West has hopped on the bar and performed Stronger, all in your absence. What gives?

4. The journey home

At the end of the night, the evening feels like a choose-your-own-adventure edition of Goosebumps. To go to a random fellas house for tea and a chat with your friends, go to page 17. To go to your friend's uncle's gaff for a Father Ted marathon before falling asleep in an armchair, flick to page 32.Or- probably the most sensible path- ditch the R.L Stine references and head home. Although your body wants to continue the party, you'll feel better waking up in your own bed the next morning. Plus, you won't have to pass commuters in the street as you wobble home at 6:30am.

If you do head home straight away, a few well-meaning strangers might tag along. Just offer them water and don't mention that you have an oven pizza in the freezer.

5. The next morning

Like bookends, the first and last offerings on this list are the most soothing for the soul. If you didn't overdo it on the rum and cokes, you might feel a bit tired. Nothing that tea and staring into space can't fix. If you did overdo it, I'd like to offer my sincerest condolences. Sip water and stay strong, friend.

Either way, the post night-out rundown is on the cards! If you can drag yourself to a communal area, it's worth every suffering second to hear any goss you missed. Often, the next day brings just as much fun as the previous night, just without the glitz and the glam.