A Trip Down Memory Lane With Emma Roberts

Just in-time for her new baby photo


Who doesn’t love Emma Roberts!? If you’re that in-between age of not quite a Millennial not quite a Gen Z-er, then we know at one point you have loved her.

Starting with Nancy Drew in 2007 then straight to the iconic Wild Child in 2008, then over to Hotel For Dogs in 2009, it’s safe to say she was a teenage star that younger girls loved. As we grew up a little, so did she. We watched her in Valentine’s Day and It’s Kind Of A Funny Story in 2010, feeling how she felt with being a teenage girl in the current world.

A couple of years later, we are well into our prime teen years. In 2013 we saw We’re The Millers. This is the year some of you will have seen her in American Horror Story for the first time, where she’s the founder of ‘surprise bitch’. Which probably would have led you to watch Adult World, as it features her co-star Evan Peters.

If you’ve made it this far down, then, of course, you watched the brilliant but horrific Scream Queens and Nerve in 2016. Next, there’s Little Italy, which feels like it should be a 2010 movie but came out in 2018! So, if you managed to sit through the cheesiness of that, you are a true fan. Not to mention her new Christmas movie Holidate, we all know you watched it and loved it!

Which brings us to now, where 2 weeks ago Emma Roberts gave birth to a son called Rhodes. She uploaded a photo to Instagram of her and Rhodes dressed in matching bright pastel orange outfits, so cute! As many of us grew up with her on the big screen, we can’t help but feel happy and joyful for her new chapter in life. 


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