A Track For Heartbroken Heartbreakers

‘Honey I’m Fucked' by Lily Rieke Marty deals with contradictory emotions.


We all had our hearts broken at some point but on the other hand, who's not guilty of breaking at least one? This is what the upcoming single 'Honey I'm Fucked' (radio edit 'Honey I'm Done') by Lily Rieke Marty is about.

UK-born and Berlin-based grunge-pop indie artist is only 19 years old but she speaks about her frustrations and experiences in a touching yet direct way. Authenticity and honesty are Lily's signature.

Lily shares that her newest single is about 'feeling broken in yourself and having the power to break hearts when in reality you just want to love and feel free.' In other words, it expresses the frustrations and complexities of being in love.

Both versions of 'Honey I'm Fucked' are out on July 19th. Lily also released a homemade DIY music video that features a love story between her and... a bear. Stay tuned! 

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