Loving Love But Not Knowing Self-Love

Celebrating you this Valentine's Day.


Are you obsessed with romcoms? Do you love all things heart-shaped? Does seeing an old couple holding hands, the old people way, warm you up inside a little? Are you dreaming of one day being more in love than Jim and Pam from The Office US?

If you answered yes to those questions, you are probably in love with love. Or at least the idea of love.

While you're busy planning your dream life filled with love, you may have forgotten the most powerful love there is: self-love. Over the last 5 years, the Self Love Club movement has been reminding women to love themselves. Something that is easier said than done as we often brush ourselves to the side.

Kris Jenner Files to Trademark 'You're Doing Amazing, Sweetie'So, if there is just one thing that you can do during the month of love, it’s to love yourself a little bit more. Give yourself a break cause you’re doing amazing sweetie. Take all that love, you would normally be dishing out to everything around you, and internalize it

You got this. Make Valentine's Day about you.


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