Sam Levinson Is Making Euphoria Actresses Uncomfortable

Several Euphoria stars have reported feeling uncomfortable about the excessive nudity on the show.


If this generation was to be defined up by a collection of cultural moments, Euphoria would definitely be one. The HBO drama burst onto our screens in 2019, its phenomenal cast, eye catching wardrobe & makeup and goosebump inducing soundtrack all established the show as an instant classic. 

The first season was met with critical acclaim but with production for the second season halted by COVID-19, fans would have a long wait for the next instalment. 

The Second season was finally released in January of this year and fans were thrilled. The first episode was colorful, dramatic, and just as rhinestone encrusted as we would have expected. It was as the season progressed however, that viewers would begin to notice that something strange was going on. 


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Kat, portrayed by Barbie Ferreira, a fan favorite character was receiving minimal screen. People felt that her storyline had been neglected, a stark contrast from the in-depth development we had witnessed in season one. Paired with her absence from the season premier, viewers began to speculate that she had fallen out with the show’s creator, Sam Levinson. It has been suggested that there were disagreements between the two concerning the direction he was taking Ferreira’s character in; this isn’t the only time that Levinson has upset the Euphoria actresses. 

A number of stars from the show have now expressed their issues with the excessive nature of the nude scenes written by Levinson. Sydney Sweeney, who plays Cassie on the show, opened up to The Independent about a number of times that she had to ask Sam to change the script whilst shooting the second season. She described the nudity as unnecessary and thought that it would distract viewers from the scenes themselves. 


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A further three actresses have come out to say they were uncomfortable with some of the more intimate scenes they were asked to partake in. with Chloe Cherry stating that she felt the nudity was completely irrelevant to the plot at times. 

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