Barbie Ferreira Breaks Silence After Behind-The-Scenes “Euphoria” Drama

“Euphoria” Melodrama Does Not Only Occur When Cameras Are Rolling


Earlier this week, Barbie Ferreira gave insight into her character, Kat Hernandez, as season two of ‘Euphoria’ continues to keep audiences hooked. “Kat’s journey this season is a little more internal and a little mysterious to the audience. She is secretly going through a lot of existential crises,” she told the Cut.

“She loses her marbles a little bit — just like everyone else in this season. The theme is everyone’s gone a little crazy,” Ferreira continued.

Kat’s storyline has left many fans of the hit HBO show confused. The first season introduced Kat as an independent, sexually liberated, body-positive influence to all who watched. As season two continues to unfold, viewers are left perplexed at her diminishing and spiraling role.

According to rumors that circulated earlier this year, Barbie Ferreira and sole writer Sam Levinson got into it regarding the direction in which Kat was heading. Following the heated argument, sources claim Ferreira walked off set. 

This standoff could explain Ferreira’s absence from the show’s premiere in January.  Despite the rumors, Ferreira continues to promote the newest season on her personal social media accounts. We hope to see more fierce, self-assured Kat in the future!


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