5 Festival Fashion Trend Predictions For 2022

Say goodbye to boho and hello to statement-making fits this season.


With temperatures rising and summer arriving, festival season has officially made a comeback. In the upcoming months – Coachella, Primavera and Stagecoach will be taking the music spotlight once again following their 2021 & 2022 cancellations. If you are feeling a little rusty about your festival styling skills, don’t worry – we got you. 

The goal is to dress fashionably while still finding a sense of comfort. Incorporate materials such as cotton, mesh, linen or crochet for the hot weather, and once temperatures cool down in the evening we recommend packing light layers like fringe or denim jackets. 

Now let’s dive into the deets for festival fashion predictions this year.

Fashion Prediction No. 1 – Corsets

The Bridgerton influence has arrived, come forth all corsets. The trendy silhouette is beloved by celebs like Olivia Rodrigo, Barbie Ferriera and Hailey Bieber. Corsets carry a lot of versatility, they can be paired with your favorite baggy jeans, mini skirts or shorts. They are a piece that can be dressed up or down, and you even incorporate the style into a dress or bodysuit.


Fashion Prediction No. 2 – More Micro Trends, Less Boho Chic

Bohemian style once ruled festival grounds, but there has been a lean towards following micro trend styles this year. The Y2K resurgence has taken over fashion, so get ready to see low-rise bottoms, shorter hemlines and bold printed colors this season. Expect to also see a trend of fur and feather collared pieces swaying around on festival grounds.


Fashion Prediction No. 3 – Chainmail

Euphoria fashion alert. Chainmail is a metal and mesh lightweight fabric that is coated in a glitz of sequins. From matching sets to cowl neck dresses, consider this trend to be a luxurious and elevated version of your high school prom dress. These glitzy pieces are the perfect way to stand out in a crowd full of people. Now let’s all imagine ourselves in Maddy’s iconic two-piece chainmail skirt set and veil at Coachella.

Fashion Prediction No. 4 – Cowboy Couture

If you haven’t channeled your inner cowgirl yet, then wyd? With cowboy boots, bandanas, fringe jackets and hats – Westernwear has taken popularity by storm this festival season. But we aren’t talking about chap pants this year. Simply pair your stylish fits with intricate boots and you got yourself some cowboy couture. There is nothing more classic than wearing high-quality leather and silver buckles. 


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Fashion Prediction No. 5 – Crochet Sets

Crocheting is no longer an at-home hobby we all took on during quarantine, instead, it is a style being favored by major designers such as Valentino and Dior. Crochet has made its debut this year and we hope to see you wearing it this season. You can find unique sets in a range of styles from floral patterns to pastel pinks. Expect to see a multitude of patterned crochet designs such as bandanas, tops, pants and bags on festival-goers this season.


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Festivals allow you to be as creative and expressive as you please. Whether you plan on following these trends or not, remember to just be yourself and embrace your style. Put your most extravagant outfits together and dance till the sun goes down!

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