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Isla Berlin

Isla Berlin

Female-owned nail salon & creative space

“Isla Berlin” is a female-owned and creative space located in Berlin that is literally bursting with divine female energy. The concept of the “for women by women” store is to pamper you with everything your beating heart desires – from getting your nails done to workshops to listening to new upcoming artists or playing a set on the latest DJ-ing equipment. And of course, they showcase a the latest selection of cutting-edge streetwear to try on in their store or shop online.

quick facts
Isla Berlin
Female-owned nail salon & creative space
located in:Berlin
founded in:2017
range:Footwear, Sweaters, Pants, Accessories
visit shop:

Inselstraße 13
10179 Berlin

Female empowerment is an important topic for founder Charissa Chioccarelli, who moved from Amsterdam to Berlin two years ago and opened a space for things she’s most passionate about with her business partner Maddy Ayers. The main focus-point was to connect like-minded women through the things they enjoy and give every woman a playground to express themselves.

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