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43einhalb Sneaker Store

43einhalb Sneaker Store

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What awaits you in 43einhalb Sneaker Shop? A selected range of sneakers and if requested, a at least ten minute presentation per pair. Starting with exclusive Yeezy- and Jordan releases and continuing through a wide variety of lifestyle sneakers to performance-runners. There is always something happening at 43einhalb and anything available, a sneaker heart can only imagine.

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43einhalb Sneaker Store
Footwear Store
located in:Frankfurt
founded in:2011
range:Footwear, Sweaters, Pants, Accessories
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Stiftsstrasse 36
60313 Frankfurt

Get detailed information about releases, our favorite sneaker- or lifestyle stories and heaps of other interesting gossip through our magazine, the 43einhalb-Blog or our Facebook-page. You can also receive the dates for our next Handtuch-Party or when we are rolling out with Fuldas Finest again. Feel free to give us a call at +49 (0) 661 3605693 or drop a mail at

We are looking forward to your visit in our shop or on

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Sneakers, Streetwear
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