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Superconscious Berlin

Superconscious Berlin

Superconscious was developed with the desire to create a unique concept store directly in the heart of Berlin-Mitte that offered an exclusive selection of brands whilst maintaining a friendly and inclusive culture. Since 2013 the Weinsbergweg location has offered a carefully curated selection of high streetwear fashion whilst maintaining a down to earth approach. Every product is selected with utmost care and aims to strike a balance between style innovation, moderate price points and preference to fair production. Predicated on a clean, fresh and often unisex aesthetic the choice is intended for the contemporary individual. Superconscious brings together what belongs together.

quick facts
Superconscious Berlin
located in:Berlin
founded in:2013
range:Footwear, Sweaters, Pants, Bags, Accessories, Socks
visit shop:

Weinbergsweg 22
10119 Berlin

Streetwear, Footwear, Accessoires
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Sneakers, Streetwear
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