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They Lied: You Should Have Sex On The First Date
Debunking The Rules Of When To Bunk Down.
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From Faking It To Doing It Daily: How I Hit My Orgasm Climax (So To Speak)
Let’s take our big O’s into our own hands. 
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A Cop Caught Me Having Sex (And Saw Everything)
And other tales of exhibitionism.
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How I Ended Up Swallowing My Own Period Blood
A tale of a blowjob gone wrong (and other stories of threesomes with Aunt Flo.)
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It’s Time To Get A Remote Control Vibrator
My boyfriend got me a long distance vibrator; let’s discuss.
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The Art Of Taking Good Nudes
I coined the term “birthday tits,” and you need it in your life.
I Fucked My Waiter And Ended Up Peeing Blood
The worst price I ever paid for sex.