5 of Zendaya’s Most Iconic Vintage Red Carpet Looks

She proves that archived fashion is anything but out of style.


Zendaya is a quadruple threat, an actor, singer, dancer, and fashion icon. She’s known for her amazing looks, whether it be her Spiderman-inspired outfits for the premieres, her insane MET Gala dresses, or her vintage looks. Vintage and sustainable fashion has been making its way onto the red carpet, and Zendaya is no doubt part of the reason why. She shows us that excess expense isn’t necessary and that high fashion can be sustainable. 

Let’s take a look at some of Zendaya’s best vintage looks:


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1. Archived Balmain Gown for the NAACP Image Awards

Zendaya had such a classic look in this gown. The size of the dress and the colors made quite the statement and brought the glamor that only a vintage dress could. 


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2. Vintage Valentino at the Euphoria Premiere

This black and white gown was simple yet gorgeous. This dress just goes to show that when celebrities want to wear something more basic, there are already plenty of archived pieces available. Instead of wasting resources and money on a new black and white dress, Zendaya wore something more practical and still looked amazing. 


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3. Beyonce’s Dress for the BET Awards

One of the most iconic vintage looks Zendaya has worn was the Versace 2003 dress that Beyonce had previously worn for her performance of “Crazy in Love”. Zendaya’s dress was much longer, but it was still the perfect piece to wear to the BETs. This dress just goes to show how vintage looks can still be unique and individual while still paying homage to whoever wore it first. 


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4. Archived Versace for the Green Carpet Fashion Awards

The GCFAs celebrate sustainability, so it’s no surprise that Zendaya not only attended, but won the Visionary Award in 2020. She also wore an amazing archived 1996 dress from Versace paired with Bulgari jewels. The dress was the most amazing shade of brown and a great piece of 90s fashion history. 


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5. Archived Bob Mackie at the Time 100 Gala

After being named one of Time’s Most Influential People, Zendaya wore this fabulous gown to the gala. The dress is from Bob Mackie’s 1998 fall collection, and is a stunning blue and emerald. It was the perfect gown for the event, not too over the top, but still eye-catching.