Youth Climate Activists Plan Next Climate Strike

The activists are seeking to occupy schools in protest.


Climate activists worldwide want to occupy schools in the fall to fight the climate crisis and protest the fossil fuel economy.

The Guardian published an op-ed co-signed by the group that announced their new campaign End Fossil: Occupy! The campaign demands an end to the fossil fuel economy. The students that signed were from the US, Portugal, Spain, Argentina, Ivory Coast, and the UK.

“We cannot repeat previous mistakes. We need to be more disruptive than ever, as that’s our only chance for survival. The youth’s innovation and creativity, combined with a fierce appetite for disruption and liberation, can change the world,” wrote the activists. “As a global generation of students, we need to disrupt business as usual, and start with the spaces where we have the power to mobilize and organize – our schools and universities."

The activists plan to occupy hundreds of institutions between September and December 2022. Greta Thunberg was among many youth activists that helped to inspire the youth climate justice movement in 2019.

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