“You” Season 3: Modern-Day Suburbia Meets Twisted Fairy-Tale

The latest series of the Netflix thriller is the darkest one yet.


If you’ve been keeping up with the previous two seasons of Netflix’s spooky, stalker-drama – then you’ll be familiar with the compelling narration and messy storylines that dominate “You”. Starring Penn Badgley as the handsome yet psychotic heart-throb – the latest series of the hit show was released on the 15th of October.  
Gripping viewers for a 10-episode binge-worthy watch, this season takes a whole new turn as Joe Goldberg (Badgley) and Love Quinn (Victoria Pedretti) decide to embark on “normal” suburban life, along with their newborn son, Henry.  
Oh, the irony. Two sociopaths trying to start afresh. It could never be that simple. 
Between exchanging small talk with neighbors that are arguably, just as f**ked up, and peeping over their white picket fences - the idealist setting in season 3 is the perfect addition to the dark wit that makes the show so watchable.  
If you are unfamiliar with “You” then here’s a quick sum up for you. Boy meets girl, boy gets obsessed, and boy loves the girl to death – literally. However, what sets season 3 apart from its predecessors, is that Joe is actually married to his latest conquest. Love poses a complex match for Joe on all levels – her sadistic nature, masked by emotional trauma reminds her husband of his own demons, which creates a twisted but equally amusing back-and-forth banter between the two.  

While the chemistry between Pedretti and Badgley is not quite on par with Mr and Mrs Smith – if you like dangerously passionate sex scenes, get streaming now.   
We’re not sure if it’s Badgley’s brown-eyed hypnotizing gaze or his insightful monologues that entice us more. One thing’s for sure, the success of “You” is down to its unique play on perspective. By breaking the fourth wall and voicing his internal thoughts in the first-person, Joe invites the viewer into the darkest realms of his mind.  
“You” has already been renewed for a fourth season, highlighting the boost in momentum that this series has garnered. Stay tuned – there’s no telling who will be next on Joe’s kill list.  

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