You Can Still Attend A Festival This Summer

But you will have to be socially distanced!


It was very disappointing times for all of us festival-fans at the start of lockdown when one by one festivals started withdrawing from the summer schedule, postponing their events until next year. 

But, there is still a glimmer of hope that we could be donning some wellies and glitter and bunking down in a tent this August, as festival organisers Stendhalf present: Unlocked. The first socially distanced festival.

The plans, which are not yet confirmed by Government Policy, are to hold the festival in Northern Ireland. The event will be somewhat ‘exclusive’ with only around five hundred to one thousand tickets set to be sold.

Punters will have the chance to choose either camping or non-camping tickets and will be expected to uphold strict socially distancing and hygiene rules at the festival.

The idea of not being able to mingle with strangers, share festival romances and hop between tents seems to go against the grain of what it is we love about attending these 4 day summer parties, but if it’s the only option we have this summer to show up to the festival scene then we will have to take it. As they say on the website ‘for the first time in months, gather together to celebrate music, friendship and hopefully some form of normality.’

The tickets are on sale now, however, the event is of course still subject to change and must abide by whatever lockdown restrictions may be in place at the time of the event.

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