Get Tied Up In A Wrap Dress This Christmas

It's a wrap!


No one has ever argued against the beautiful silhouette that is: W. A. I. S. T. Man, woman, person: the waist is such an elegant spot that captures the sculpture of the body. No matter size and shape: wrapping yourself in the luxurious-looking garment will forever be a flattering choice. 

Besides from the fact that it'll make you look like royalty, let’s not forget the practical aspect of it. A wrap dress (or kimono) is a generous garment with drapes and waves that not only works with everything body type but is also the perfect look to throw around Christmas because, like... all that food.

If you don’t know not to wear or haven’t even got round to thinking about it yet, we found 10 classy wrap dresses and kimonos that’ll help you steal the show (and more food) at any fancy dinner: 


Opening Ceremony Reversible Navy Silk Kimono Robe Coat

Not sure if you can put your slav personality aside and drop the track jacket? Open Ceremony combined trash with treasure in a beautiful silk kimono so you can do both. 

Shop it here for $470 ($595)

H&M Patterned Kimono
Spread your wings and stretch your belly out in the most fashionable manner in this cute kimono!

Shop it here for $59.99


Flora Nikrooz Melody Kimono Wrap
No season is too cold for flower power! 

Shop it here for $110.00


& Other Stories Wrap Dress 

This is what we call "comfortable couture". It's a wrap.

Shop it here for $145 


H&M Jacquard-weave Kimono

Wanna show some leg while wrapping up in a blazer? Nothing is impossible! Achieve your dreams in this marine blue beaut.

Shop it here for $69.99


UO Shelly High-Slit Floral Jacquard Kimono

Always eat however much food you want at any given time! But if you're worried about looking beastie but wanna look beauty just do both in this dreamy gown. 

Shop it here for $89.00

H&M Transparent Kimono

For the spooky-boogie witches who want to make a statement at family reunion, we serve this zodiac sign- inspired kimono!

Shop it here for $34.99


& Other Stories Wrap Maxi Dress

Who yelled ROMANTICISM?! WHO? YOU?? Oh... The dress... 

Shop it here for $115


Mameha dot-print silk-cady kimono jacket

A dot for each time you will be the center of attention in this kimono!

Shop it here for $698


Band Of Gypsies Velvet Burnout Kimono

What outfit won't this bohemian dream add elegance to? We <3. 

Shop it here for $98.00


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