Why This Year’s Mental Health Awareness Week Is So Important

Ways you can spread awareness.


Mental Health Awareness week will take place from Monday 10th – Sunday 16th May, with this year’s theme being ‘Nature’. Although this is such an important week in every year, this time the week is particularly important as we all gradually move out of the pandemic and begin to rebuild and restructure our lives. 

During the lockdown months, nature was one of the many ways people coped with losing social interactions, whether this be going out for more walks, or simply appreciating our outside spaces more. This year’s theme reflects on those times and aims to encourage those who are fortunate enough to have access to nature to keep exploring and taking time for yourself, as it is proven to help with stress relief, but also inspire creativity. The campaign will also bring to light how many of us aren’t as fortunate to have access to rolling country hills and idyllic walks, and that more must be done to make sure everyone has a place to clear their thoughts. 

Here are some ideas of ways you can be inspired by the week to take time for yourself, or indeed check up on those who matter most to you:

1. Take time for yourself

Whether this be experiencing nature on a long walk, reading your favorite book or even putting your favorite playlist on – anything is valuable.

2. Take time to educate yourself

Learning about how you might spot the signs of a deteriorating mental health in someone close to you has never been more important.

3. Share information that you find valuable on social media 

The conversation has to start somewhere, and you never know, someone seeing it might be super grateful.

4. Donate if you can 

Support worthwhile organizations, but sharing is just as important.

5. Start talking

This is so much easier said than done, especially given the period that we are all emerging out of, but we all have to start somewhere in order to support each other.

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