What to Consider After Gastric Sleeve Surgery

This procedure is safe and effective.


Gastric sleeve surgery is a popular type of weight loss surgery. It is performed on people who are obese and involves making the stomach smaller.

Although this procedure is safe and effective, there are a few things you should consider after the surgery. Let’s look at some of these things.

You Will Have to Limit Your Alcohol Consumption

It is important to avoid drinking alcohol 6 weeks after gastric sleeve surgery. After the procedure, your alcohol tolerance will be lowered significantly, so drinking can be a shock to your body. You can also expect to lose weight rapidly after the surgery, and this will impact your alcohol tolerance significantly.

Aside from this, cutting the size of the stomach reduces the production of enzymes that break down alcohol, and this means more alcohol will make its way into your bloodstream. Taking alcohol can easily lead to alcohol poisoning and the development of alcoholism.

It is also worth noting that alcohol can make it harder for you to lose weight and stay healthy.

You Have to Limit Your Sugar Intake

Sugar is generally unhealthy and can lead to weight gain. It is especially dangerous for people who have undergone gastric sleeve surgery as it can cause dumping syndrome. This is a group of symptoms such as diarrhea, nausea, and feeling tired. The condition occurs when food moves too quickly from your stomach to the duodenum.

As a general rule, your meals should never contain more than 2.5 teaspoons of sugar. You should also try to avoid processed foods as they usually contain high amounts of hidden sugars. If you have a craving for sugar, you should opt for natural options like fruits.

You Can’t Overeat

We are generally advised to avoid overeating as it leads to weight gain. After your surgery, this will be a requirement as overeating will have serious impacts. You will experience high levels of discomfort that results from cramps and abdominal pains. Regularly eating large amounts of food will also stretch out your stomach and can make the procedure nearly futile.

You Have to Eat Healthily

Gastric sleeve surgery isn’t a magical treatment for obesity; you will still have to work hard to maintain a healthy weight. Otherwise, you can end up getting a weight loss plateau. In the long-term, you can even get back to being obese. You should start by eliminating all foods with empty calories, and these include chips and sweets.

Alcohol and fatty foods will also make you gain back the weight. You can work with a nutritionist to create a sustainable program for you.


Gastric sleeve surgery can help you lose weight quickly. However, you will have to make some difficult lifestyle changes after the procedure. You will need to eliminate or reduce your consumption of alcohol and sugar.

In addition, won’t be able to eat large volumes of food at a time as that can stretch out your stomach. To achieve your weight loss goals, you should work with a nutritionist to create a meal plan.