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Everything You Need To Know About Weight Loss And Alcohol

Be bar savvy and still get to your goals.


Alcohol and weight loss are two things that don’t particularly work together. Drinking is a regular habit for a lot of us, whether it’s to take the edge off a long day at work or letting your hair down on a Saturday night. However, it often can become a huge obstacle in the game of weight loss. After we consume alcohol, our performance can be affected, as well as mental impairment, increased risk of diabetes and liver disease, and it can actually cause weight gain. Not forgetting the dreaded hangover that leaves your mouth feeling like the Sahara Desert on a Sunday morning. 

Alcohol affects various parts of our bodies in different ways, and they can be harmful if you consume too much alcohol on a regular basis. With the metabolism, the ability to make glucose is inhibited, therefore making it difficult to maintain healthy blood sugar levels. As a result of heavy drinking, you can increase the risk of glucose intolerance or diabetes. Too much alcohol also makes it harder for the liver to break down the substance leading to fatty liver disease. The pancreas is tricked by alcohol into secreting enzymes back into itself instead of into the bloodstream which can cause inflammation, increased cancer risk and reduction of insulin production. Other effects of heavy drinking can include raised blood pressure, increased stomach acid, heart attacks, and stroke… But all hope is not lost.

Here are our tips for staying well and on track when you drink:

Scientists have proven that the body will crave stodgy, sugary, fatty foods when alcohol has been consumed. Your body fuels from glycogen, glycogen stores metabolize alcohol which results in the body wanting more glucose to keep it’s energy up. AKA cravings. Keep nutrient-dense foods in the house so the hangover temptation doesn’t beat you. 

Drinking wisely is a great bar hack you can use when you hit the town. Lower calorie drinks include clear spirits, tonics, and single-shot drinks which will reduce the calories. Steer clear from beer and cocktails as these drinks are very calorific and can be a dieter’s worst nightmare. Order a white wine spritzer with ice and soda, and it will cut your calories in half instead of a regular glass of wine. 

Don’t make your night out an excuse. During the day eat as you normally would and make sure you eat well. This will help to steady your blood sugar, keep your metabolism working and also helps to prevent getting drunk too quickly, so you can go steady and enjoy your night. 

Hydration is key. Make a conscious effort to drink more throughout the day. During the night you can get a glass of tap water to sip, to keep you hydrated as you drink. Drink a pint of water before you hit the hay, it’ll help to reduce hangover symptoms including thirst and headaches, thank us later. 

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