TikTok Is Drunk On Face Wine

The new trend captivating your fave beauty influencers.


 TikTok keeps feeding us new things to obsess about. It's common to see products go viral following Tiktokers’ stamp of approval. This is the case for Face Wine, a beauty product appearing on various streams.

@cosmopolitanuk Cosmo’s @liamap2 puts beauty TikTok’s latest obsession, @Caudalie’s ‘face wine’, to the test. But is it worth the hype? #makeup #beauty #learnontiktok ♬ original sound - CosmopolitanUK

What’s Tiktok's Face Wine ?

Literally, "Face Wine" means the wine for your face (shocker!). Not to be confused with wine face, which you might get if you enjoy too much the gods’ elixir.
Back to “face wine”, do not fret. Tiktokers have done many questionable things in the name of beauty but there are not pouring wine on their faces. Yet. In fact, face wine refers to a product from a well-known brand: Caudalie.  The product in question is none other than the brand's L'Eau de Raisin or Grape Water.

Beauty influencers apply it after their skincare routine and before foundation. According to many, the product moisturizes the skin and guarantees longer-lasting makeup.

Why is it called "Face Wine"? 

As you know, vineyards produce wine from grapes or “raisins” in French. So, beauty addicts decided this product of the vine would do better with a different name.  Face wine is catchier, perhaps more marketable, and easier to pronounce (except for French speakers) than L’Eau de Raisin!

However, do not confuse grape water with grape juice or wine. It is actually rainwater naturally filtered by the roots of the vines, which gives it a natural richness in minerals, anti-oxidants, and moisturizing agents.

Caudalie L’eau de raisin is an organic, vegan product. The brand states that it is dermatologically tested and known to reduce skin sensitivity and improve hydration.
If you’re interested in Face wine, hop on to the Caudalie website.

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