We’re Going Crazy Over Apple’s Announcement

Brb - trying to figure out if my desk is big enough for 7 computer monitors.


Apple just held its latest event announcing the new tech products that will be available, and suffice it to say, everyone’s pretty psyched about it. Along with some exciting tech-y upgrades, Apple is dishing up an overload of amazing aesthetics. The iPad Pro is getting an update, as is the iPhone 12 color-lineup, which will now come in a super chic lavender. Apple introduced an all new product: AirTag-- a small button that will use bluetooth to help you find your keys, wallet, or other belongings via your phone. The AirTag has some keychain options to attach your AirTag to your belongings, including an Hermès collection. We might need an AirTag just for that...

Image from instagram @pixroad.design

But, the thing we’re most excited about? The new iMac. It’s super sleek and space-saving, while still offering an upgraded camera, microphone, sound system, and Touch ID. And, the colors. are. amazing. There are 7 color options: pink, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, and silver. Yep-- you’ve pretty much got your pick of the rainbow. The back of the computer is a more vibrant, deep hue to make a statement when you see it as soon as you enter an office. The front side is a milder, more pastel shade that’s designed to not clash with the visuals on your screen and help you stay focused.

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We all remember iMac Flavors (those translucent, brightly colored desktop monitors from when we were kids.) Those were available from 1998-2003, and ever since, Apple desktops have stayed pretty monochromatic-- mostly coming in just silver and white. This is the first colorful desktop we’ve seen since. And, it might be noteworthy to mention those adorable, colorful iBooks (AKA the og MacBook) arrived on the scene in ‘99, so could we be in for some super cute Macbooks in the next few years? We’ve got our fingers crossed.

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Top image from instagram @theapplehub