Wellness For Your Mind, Body And Spirit

Award-winning blogger creates a wellness app to support Black women


A holistic health consultant, a plant-based chef, celebrity yoga teacher, award-winning blogger and motivational speaker, Nzingah Oniwosan is the Queen of wellness.

This year Nzingah created a wellness app called 365Zing. It is designed to support, encourage and help heal women of color, both physically, mentally and spiritually. A subscription to 365Zing, gives you access to a wide range of self-care support. Yoga classes, recipes, courses, little encouragement reminders throughout the day and even an online meet with Nzingah herself. These combined are used to help and motivate you to become the best version of you there is.

With the pandemic causing an even bigger divide between race, gender and class, it is even more important now, for women, especially of color, to be supported. This app does just that. In fact, 365Zing appears to be more than just an app, it’s what Nzingah calls a “self-care companion”.

Join the ever-growing community at 365Zing and start feeling good about yourself.


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