Virtual Resources for Black Women Struggling with Mental Health

Because Black (Female) Mental Health Matters Too


Black lives matter, and so does Black mental health. Racism and recent events of police brutality, along with decades of injustice continue to affect the psychological well-being of the Black community, who already face so many difficulties with receiving treatments.  According to reports done by The Health and Human Services Office of Minority Health, African American women are 10 per cent more likely to experience serious psychological distress, yet only 30 per cent get help each year, which is below the US average of 43 per cent. 

If you feel like the continued racial discrimination, systematic racism in today’s society, and the injustices for Black lives are contributing to your current levels of anxiety and mental health – then take a look at these resources which could help you, your friends or loved ones: 

Find a *Good* Therapist

It can be difficult, and oftentimes draining, for people of color (POC), especially for Black women, to find care providers who truly understand and empathize with the racial trauma they experience. Thankfully, there are organizations who specifically compiled a useful list of therapists who genuinely understand – one of which is Therapy for Black Girls. They provide a free support group every Thursday night, as well as have a podcast and a weekly newsletter. If you’re looking for LGBTQ+ inclusive therapists, you can find them in a directory created by LGBTQ Psychotherapists of Color

Attend Virtual Sessions. Oftentimes, therapy can be quite expensive, but a community support organization, Sista Afya, provides free virtual talks and affordable individual sessions with therapists. Their upcoming free online event on Tuesday 13th October, will focus on supporting survivors of intimate partner violence in honor of Domestic Violence Awareness Month. 

Fill Your Feed with Positivity

Following various Instagram accounts will provide you with reminders and helpful tips on caring for your mental health. The Black Mental Wellness is a great follow as they post about virtual support sessions and provide helpful journaling cues if you prefer to write down your emotions and experiences and reflect on them later.  

We understand that taking that first step of asking for help and support can be scary, but please, look after yourself. If you’re in the position, please donate to Loveland Therapy Fund, which is a nonprofit organization helping Black women get access to mental health support and resources.  


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