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Weird Is Sexy - Science Says So!

New studies show that sexy and strange are inextricably linked.


Think of sexiness and weird won't be the first thought that pops into your head. You don't have to say what is because that would be telling. But, conventional logic says it's Ryan Gosling with his top off. There ain't nothing weird about that, ladies, other than the fact it's super freaky!

Still, the tried and tested methods to up your libido don't always work. There's something rigid and stale about them that doesn't get the engine revving. As it turns out, science agrees. New studies show that sexy and strange are inextricably linked.

If you need convincing, here are the facts.


Yes, in the movies, it's always an uber-romantic scene that leads the main protagonists to tear each others' clothes off and jump under the covers. 

Well, Women's Health Mag disagrees. Citing a survey of Brits with TVs in their bedroom, it turns out that you're twice as likely to have more sex if you don't have a plasma hanging from your wall.

There are multiple reasons why, but those usually reserved Brits admitted it was down to boring TV shows that encourage activities that add excitement. You might want to remove all your bedroom electronics for good measure!

Avocados Are Aphrodisiacs

If the morning isn't your favorite part of the day, breakfast in bed may change your mind. Of course, there's no better sight than your man opening the door with a plate of tasty foods for you to try. And, he's going to do the dishes #massiveturnon.

However, if your brekkie contains a strangely shaped ingredient called" avocado," you'll increase the chances of morning nookie as the green fruit is great at increasing the blood flow to blood vessels.

When that happens in the right places, you won't be able to keep your hands off one another.

Heart Rate = Sexual Arousal

Now, this won't come as a surprise as everyone experiences horniness when the adrenaline is pumping around the body. But, what most women don't know is that you can find excitement in routine places.

You've had dozens of piercings, so a piercing parlor may not have the same novelty factor unless you decide on a nipple piercing. The sensation isn't something you will forget, and this piercing type is great fun in the boudoir.

You don't need to go this far if you're uncomfortable with the idea. A lip piercing is incredibly sexy, especially when you switch up your style to match your alternative look.

Freaky Smells

Women are stigmatized as enjoying nice smells, whereas guys prefer to stink out the joint. However, regarding the aroma of the opposite sex, it turns out that women prefer the weirder, more abstract scents.

As a rule, ladies want their men to smell of gas or paint because they are manlier. Guys, on the other hand, enjoy the cliche aromas of lipstick and baby lotion. Typical! 

So, if you want to relight your fire, it might be worth covering your beau in kerosine. Just don't light any candles to set the mood!


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