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9 Things You Didn't Know About The Clitoris

The ONLY body part designed solely for pleasure.


Though all women have a clitoris, it still remains a mysterious part of the female body. In sex education, students learn about the reproductive organs; however, the clitoris is usually pushed to the side. But as more research comes out, we’re learning more and more about how the clitoris functions and what it’s really all about. If you’re curious about the clitoris, here are nine things you’ll want to know.

The clitoris is full of nerve endings

Over 8,000 nerve endings to be exact! The clitoris is made of 18 parts, which are a combination of muscles, erectile tissue, and nerves. They all work together to produce orgasmic sensations, which is what women feel during sex. These nerve endings are double the amount a penis has - who would have known.

It’s the only body part designed solely for pleasure

Even though many women struggle with achieving orgasm, the clitoris is the only body part that’s designed purely for pleasure. In other words, the clitoris is a female’s true best friend, one that’s there through good times and bad.

When aroused it swells by 300%

The average clitoris ranges between 7-12cm in length, but when aroused, it can swell by 300%. Of course, as a woman is closer to achieving orgasm, the clitoris increases in size. But don’t assume that size matters, this is where the clitoris and penis differ.

The clitoris never ages

While you’re buying anti-aging face creams, the clitoris is getting away scot-free. As a woman gets older, her body ages; however, the clitoris keeps its youthful glow. In fact, it’s the only part of the human body that doesn’t age.

The clitoris is always growing

Though it may not age, it does grow. Throughout a woman’s life, the clitoris can end up being 2.5 times bigger by the time she reaches ninety-years-old. Considering it’s solely designed for pleasure, having a bigger clitoris isn’t a bad thing.

It functions similar to a penis

You probably didn’t expect to read this, but it’s true. Though they don’t necessarily look exactly the same, both the clitoris and penis have similar anatomies. The penis has glans, foreskin, and a shaft, similar to the clitoral hood. It also swells when being aroused, just like the clitoris. So, are men and women really that different at the end of the day?

Every clitoris is different

The beauty of the human body is that no two bodies are the same; this goes for the clitoris as well. When it comes to the clitoris, they come in a variety of different shapes, sizes, and colors. Some clits will be larger, others smaller, but all are unique.

Most of the clitoris is hidden inside the body

Think of the clitoris as an iceberg. Though the clitoris is visible outside of the body, most of it is hidden below the skin. Under the skin, it wraps around the vaginal tunnel and extends towards the thighs. In other words, it’s a lot larger than you think. What we see above the skin is the head of the clitoris, but the body of the clitoris is where everything happens.

Use it or lose it

That’s right. If your clitoris is left untouched and unappreciated, it’s not going to hang around. Rather, if unstimulated for a long period, the clitoris retreats into the body. If you become aroused after a dry spell and don’t feel the tingly sensation underneath your panties, this is the reason why. This is why regular masturbation is crucial to promote blood flood and a healthy reproductive system. Whether you’re single or in a relationship, give your clit the attention it needs.

Though it’s been overlooked for centuries, the clitoris is a fascinating part of the female body. Now you know these facts about the clitoris, it’s time to give it the attention and appreciation it deserves.


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