How To Revive Her Drive With These Best Techniques

Get that fire burning again!


Relationships do become boring. There’s no use trying to deny it. After spending so much time together, after exploring each other’s nooks and crannies (you do know what I mean), it is not uncommon to feel the fire simmer down. You’ve just become accustomed to your partner’s company, that’s all. It doesn’t automatically mean that you’ve “fallen out of love.”

The same thing goes for her to you.

Just because she’s giving you the cold shoulder these past few weeks doesn’t mean she’s become disinterested. It also doesn’t mean that she has started to see someone else; she’s probably not even considering it. It’s normal for relationships to hit a plateau. After all, there are so many places you can go, so many things you can do. Read more about relationships here. 

Do you call it quits the moment you feel like the fire is starting to wane?

No, you do the opposite. You get it blazing again. And it’s not even that hard to do.

How To Get The Fire Burning Again

The key here, really, is to be creative. You have got to think outside the box, maybe even put yourself in your woman’s shoe. A sudden change in you might seem awkward and strange but a random surprise every now and again never fails to make a woman feel all giddy inside. If you feel like your relationship is going downhill, then you have to take it upon yourself to heat things up again.

A good woman always knows how to appreciate a nice surprise.

In order to revive her drive again, you have to make her look at you. The first step really is just to start trying. All too often, a woman’s drive dies out because she can see that you’re not putting in much effort into your relationship either. It makes her think “If he’s not trying, then why should I?” This type of thinking has ruined many relationships – especially when one does not want to concede to the other, talking about pride and ego and other nonsensical stuff.

Love isn’t about being rational. It isn’t about putting your feelings first or being afraid your ego will be stepped on if you decide to take the first step. 

Love is about making the other person happy; making them feel lucky to have you in their life. If they don’t receive your most sincere affection graciously, then that’s their problem. At least, you were able to express how serious you are in building your relationship with them.

The effort is important to every woman. It doesn’t matter if what you do makes you look weird, desperate, pathetic, or whatever else you’re thinking about. The mere fact that you’re trying to make things work will make your feelings get across.

If you’re dry out of ideas on how to get the fire going, we do have a few suggestions:


Get The Foreplay Going

Women aren’t always vocal about this but they do love to be pleasured. It’s just that they don’t believe in having themselves pleasured more than giving pleasure. In fact, there are women who find it awkward when the sex is about “them.” But trust me; she’d love it when you insist on doing things you know she finds pleasurable.

Women appreciate foreplay more than intercourse. Sex mostly excites men; women feel most beautiful when they’re passionately held. Giving her a few extra kisses and caressing her in the right places will definitely make her think that you treasure her so much. She’ll return the favor soon enough.


Maybe Try Role-playing?

So this suggestion isn’t really for everyone. I know a lot of people who would prefer vanilla sex (like this: over a wild, heated (and sometimes weird) night. If you think that your girl is adventurous enough to actually go along with your role-playing schemes, then you can definitely try this out from time to time just to get the mood going!


Sex Toys Are Popular For A Reason

Some people can even live without a romantic partner because these little toys are enough to satisfy their sexual urges. The fun part is that you can use these devices with or without a partner. If you think your partner would appreciate a nice experiment, then playing around with these adult toys might become your new thing.  


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