Is Wear It Once Culture Finally Coming To An End?

Being an outfit repeater is now cool.


If we examine our Instagram posts, how many of us can say we repeat outfits on the app? Many of us seem to subconsciously worry about re-wearing an outfit that has already appeared on the ‘gram – but we have to wonder why do we think this? Fast fashion awareness and the rise of sustainable brands are all over our feeds now, but will this put an end to wear it once culture?

Long gone are the days of going out to a bar and showing off an outfit, with lockdowns and restrictions over the past year most of us have been on a rotation of comfy loungewear and pajamas. These are outfits that are best kept off of social media, yet get constantly re-worn. When it comes to dressing up for a night out, many of us like to wear something different as if getting spotted in an outfit more than once is a criminal offense. This culture is beginning to fade though, especially as more options for conscious design become available to us. It turns out re-wearing and saving the planet is much cooler.

Shopping sustainably or making an effort to thrift clothes is a great first step towards beating fast fashion. Though those cheap deals online for even cheaper clothes may look tempting, consider investing in a well-made, ethical piece that will last longer. This may be difficult for some, but adjusting to this new way of shopping is the right thing to do. Piles of textiles waste goes to landfill daily, so why add to that because you don’t want to be seen out on the town in the same top as last week? Shopping ethically and sustainably is fashionable too!

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