10 High Fash Hoodies For Looking Fabulous While Feeling Fantastic

Not even looking sloppy comes cheap anymore.


Hoodies are tricky pieces of clothing, not always being naturally chic or elegant. Their appearance relies entirely on styling. Haven’t we all tried on that hoodie, looked in the mirror and found ourselves staring back looking like a misshaped piece of nuclear waste? Either they work solely on super slim models for whom looking like a misshaped lump of shit just isn't possible or they end up in bed with you tuesday after work. 

But hoodies aren’t as useless and unfashionable as they sometimes seem: norm core and goth have been in for quite a while now and emo looks are quickly coming back for another fashion landslide. Pair your hoodie with blazers, high waisted pants and high heels and you'll find yourself looking bohemian laissez-faire chic in no time!

And Finally Metallica Lightening Print Hoodie 

No matter how big of a dad-band Metallica might be, their logo is serving kick ass retro aesthetics. And like, don't worry, you don't have to like the band to wear the logo, if anyone asks just say "I like good music and good fashion and this hoodie is only representing one of those". Give no f*cks. 

Shop it here for $68


GmbH Khaki Marton Hoodie

This army green hoodie is perfect for a good dick-hunt! And the season already started last year. 

Shop it here for $298 ($420)


Et opslag delt af Taylor Hill (@taylor_hill) den


And Finally The Rolling Stones Hoodie

Another hoodie that gives you the chance of being a music history ignorant f*cker. Wether you like/ know The Rolling Stones or not, the logo is cool. Just remember: if you can't name one single song they ever made just stand by it. Like, don't give the haters a reason to hate. 

Shop it here for $68

Vetements Black Logo Cities Hoodie

Vetements: serving you goth street style realness! Perfect for talking to ghosts or mourning over the loss of your summer skin. RIP. 

Shop it here for $525 ($750)


H&M Printed Hooded Sweatshirt

Be cute, be fierce, be savage, be rock n' roll, be laid back or whuteva in this red evergreen of a hoodie!

Shop it here for $29.99 


Et opslag delt af 🦋 (@bellahadid) den

Palm Angels Black Oversized Palms and Flames Hoodie

This hoodie is on FIRE! Flames has been on people's lips for quite a while now but the word is still burning like a habanero in a Angela Merkel's mouth! Lol... This hoodie is lit and it's on sale so why not treat yoself with an early Xmas present?

Shop it here for $234 ($545)

Heron Preston Black DSNY Edition 'Uniform' Hoodie

We ðŸ’˜ Heron Preston! The brand is channeling serious 2018 raver realness with the iconic orange color. 

Shop it here for $347 ($680)


Unravel Black Oversized Vision Hoodie

We said it before and we bears repeating: GOTH 👏 IS ðŸ‘ BACK👏. And this hoodie is EVERYTHING! It's oversized, has red gothic font, a purple skull... This hoodie aint missing a thing. 

Shop it here for $409 ($730)

UNRAVEL Reversible hoodie

This is the Rolls Royce of hoodies: 1. It's reversible, with purple silk on the inside. 2. It has white embroidered bones on the arms. 3. It's cropped. 4. It's real expensive. But, In theory, worth all the money. It's never too late to either start saving or decide to bag yourself some debt.

Shop it here for $1.003


Et opslag delt af Hailey Baldwin (@haileybaldwin) den

Études Blue Étoile Europa Hoodie 

Last but not least: Études put themslevs on the fashion map with this hoodie featuring the European Union's flag as logo after Brexit. It's an iconic statement piece that quickly was adopted by fashion influencers. Truly a piece that demonstrates fashion's power to communicate political issues. 

Shop it here for $144 ($190)


Next: shop the coolest track pants for a true slav look!


Top image via thelocals.com

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