We Have A Zero Waste Picnic And Here’s What We’re Packing

Join us and have a blast.


If you are anything like us, you couldn’t be more stressed out about the future of our planet. In the back of our mind, we always think about how we only have so much time to save the earth from becoming totally toxic… The good thing is — we are ALL aware of the problem by now and are ready to show action. But while collecting trash in the park and the beach are a nice gesture and for sure helping the wildlife temporarily, the long term solution is simple: Use less (if at all) packaging and plastic. While that does mean some work and rearrangement for the first period of time, it can be fun, rewarding and safe you the annoying trash walks. 

And we wouldn’t be us if we wouldn’t make a good example and show you how it’s done. We enjoyed the nice weather, grabbed our favorite blanket and had a Fizzy Picnic outside with zero waste products only. Here are some of the products that make the chill time with your friends or your summer boo waste and guilt free.

Kikkerland - Basket Print Insulated Cooler

What better to crack on open with the guys on a hot summer day? How about serving cool drinks, potato salad and fresh fruits all kept in environmentally friendly boxes! All you need is a nice insulated cooler and loads of cool stuff to put in. Add some blankets, pillows and a grill and you got yourself a nice, romantic day with your favorite people. Kikkerland provides us with a cute, minimal and handy alternative to plastic bags and ice packages.

Shop here for $23.

Life Without Plastic - Juco Sandwich Bag

You know what we have no time for? Plastic and stupid no-carb-diets! We combine our love for the planet and massive sandwiches with a washable jute bag that keeps our bread fresh and our conscious clean. You can also fill it with homemade vegetable chips, fries — just please don’t put spaghetti in there. 

Shop here for $10.

Urban Outfitters - Stainless Steel Sandwich Container

Now here is a container to hold your spaghetti. Or noodle salad. Or potato salad. Or… maybe even a real salad! The stainless steel keeps your food save while the bamboo cover is a handy cutting board on the go and naturally absorbs unnecessary moisture. 

Shop here for $30.

Stainless Steel Cutlery Set + Case

Most picknicks involve food that’s not quite appropriate to eat with your hands. You do you, but we invest in a practical cutlery set to keep our fingers grease free and our lips grease full. And in case you don’t want to ruin your bag with your dirty fork — these come with a washable case.

Shop here for $14.

Stasher - Medium Reusable Silicone Bag

Sometimes, a container can't fit all the food you want to bring and your sandwich bag would be ruined after holding all the fruit our healthy, little hands prepared earlier. Well here is to something we didn’t even realize we needed until we saw it — the reusable silicone bag is sealable, dishwasher safe and microwave save. So instead of throwing them out, or using a wasteful plastic bag, save your picknick leftovers in this little helpers. 

Shop here for $12.

Life Without Plastic - Glass Travel Mug

We stan a good ol’ water spender in the city to keep us hydrated. This glass travel mug keeps our drinks extra cool since it maintains hot and cold temperatures. So fill up, buttercup, and store it in your cooler to get that extra kick. Or do the extra step and make lemonade for the ultimate refreshment for hot picknicks.

Shop here for $26.

Urban Outfitters - Angled Stainless Steel Straw Set

It’s no secret — plastic straws are over! And in case you don’t want to get papercuts on your lips or want to chew on a wobbly piece of cardboard — so are paper straws. Metal straws are reusable, cheaper in the long run and you can cool them for a fresher drink. And we don’t know about you, but they do look pretty fancy as well. 

Shop here for $16.

Snow Peak - French Press

Talking about fancy — the posh way to prepare your coffee has to be the french press. The name is saying all you need to know. The lightweight, packable French Press by Snow Peak is perfect for the caffeine kick you might need after a long day outside. But the coffee ground inside in advance and heat some water on your grill. Et voilá!

Shop here for $56.

Raw Elements - Tinted Facial Moisturizer 30+ SPF Tin

Last but certainly not least on your to-pack-list: A good sunscreen to keep your youthful glow. After sleeping on SPF for way too long, we finally woke up and are ready to protect our skin from blemishes, sun spots and discoloration all while keeping the earth litter free. The tinted moisturizer with an amazing 30+ SPF come in a cute tin. It’s waterproof and is concentrated with zinc oxide, soothing irritated and itchy skin.

Shop here for $22.


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