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A Guide To The Ultimate Self-Care Pampering Day

Because we all need a break already.


Are you feeling stressed? Tired? Anxious? Or just a bit run down?
Taking some time to look after your body and mind is so important, especially into today's fast-paced world. Stress can take a toll on your mental health, your energy, your skin, your sleep, your hair, your body and most importantly — your happiness.

Even trying to figure out how to relax can be stressful! But don’t worry, that’s why we’ve put together a must-do guide for the perfect pampering session. So set aside an evening for yourself, or if you have the time take a whole day to focus on nothing but you.

Gourmand - Candle

It’s important to set the mood, so make sure your room is fresh and well lit — light a candle, or two, or three! (We recommend this one by Gourmand which comes in several rejuvenating fragrances, and is of-course cruelty-free.)

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Woodlot - Everyday Mist

Scent and aromatherapy are actually a well-researched form of self-care, as they trigger a relaxation effect which can reduce heart rate, decrease blood pressure, improve digestion and normalize cortisol production and blood sugar levels. So why not benefit from the power of scent and add a burst of this Woodlot aromatherapy mist to your room to really get you in the mood.

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Gilly Hicks - Supersoft Teddy Robe

Another important aspect of setting the mood is to feel like you are safe and relaxed. Nothing makes you feel like you’re at a spa more than a clean, crisp white bathrobe. We found a perfect Teddy Robe that will have you feeling pampered before you even put it on.

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The Body Shop - British Rose Bath Foam

Time for a soak. Run yourself a nice warm bath — the ultimate luxury. Throw in some bath foam for the bubbles of your dreams — this British Rose Petal bath foam from the Body Shop not only smells like an English Garden in the summer but will leave your skin feeling soft and amazing. While the bath is running get yourself everything you’ll need to relax. (But obviously, don’t let the bath overflow — floods aren’t known for being relaxing!)

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Me Time - Bamboo Bath Tray Caddy

Grab a bath tray — if you don’t have one we can recommend this bamboo number from Me Time so you can set up an array of snacks, beverages and even lean up a book or magazine to read while you chill. Grab your fave magazines, books, music to relax with.

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Teami - Refresh Loose Leaf Tea

Brew yourself a cup of herbal tea — in this one,Teami which combines mint, rose buds, mango, and strawberry for a fragrant brew that will regulate your metabolism and soothe your stomach.

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The Body Shop - Spa Of The World Mediterranean Sea Salt Scrub

Once you’re in give yourself a good scrub with a natural sea-salt scrub (please restrain from scrubs with plastic!) which will exfoliate all your dead skin and leave you feeling silky smooth. Then relax! Paint your nails, put rollers in your hair, read something or just stare at the ceiling and unwind.

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Once the bath gets cold hop out, put on your cozy robe and settle somewhere relaxing to continue the self-love.

Glossier - Mega Greens Galaxy Pack & Moisturizing Moon Mask

Now that the hot steam from your bath has opened up your pores it’s the perfect time to put on a face mask. Put on a head wrap first to keep your freshly bathed hair from getting sticky. This mask duo from Glossier is perfect because it gives you two masks to treat different all of your possible skin concerns; one detoxifies and the other hydrates.

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Skin Gym - Rose Quartz Eye Flowies Treatment

Don’t forget your eyes during all of this face mask fun! The delicate skin under your eyes is particularly likely to show signs of stress or tiredness, so apply these beautiful, hand-crafted eye massage tools made from rose quartz. The stones stimulate blood flow which improves coloring and healing, to sooth and brighten any dark shadows or fine lines. And if you’re into your crystals you will know that quartz is known to have powerful healing qualities to help you get some mental and spiritual relaxation too.

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Dr. Brite - Teeth Whitening Pen

If you want to go all the way with a total body refresh, try this tooth whitening pen by Dr. Brite. To get teeth 2 shades lighter without using any harsh chemicals — perfect for those pesky red wine stains!

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Skin Gym - Jade Facial Roller & Glossier Super Glow Serum Pack

When you’ve taken your face mask off, try giving your skin an extra boost by using a Jade Facial Roller to cool, tighten and de-puff. Finish with a Super glow Vitamin C serum from Glossier for a healthy radiance.

Shop the roller here for $32 and the glow serum here for $28

Nailtiques - Avocado Foot Creme

Don’t forget your feet! Your poor feet, carrying you round all day, yet so often neglected. Give them a rub with a file if you have one to get rid of the thick dry skin, then treat them with a repairing foot cream, like this dreamy avocado one that will soften out even the most calloused areas.

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The Body Shop - Spa Of The World French Lavender Massage Oil

Being stressed often affects your body, so it can be an amazing relief to oil up and massage out any tense muscles or knots. This scented massage oil is amazing because of the lavender scent that is known for its soothing properties and is often used in professional massage. If you live with a partner this would be the perfect time to cash in on a favor and get them to massage you.

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Smile Makers - The Frenchman

You’re probably really feeling yourself by this point, you’re clean, relaxed, massaged. But you know what else will make you feel de-stressed and happy — an orgasm. It will release Oxytocin — the love hormone and release any more stress you have left. Try the Smile Maker’s ‘The Frenchman’ a soft, delicate vibrator with a flexible head, different settings, and an extra-quiet vibration. Use alone for some serious self-love — or invite your massage partner to join in!

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That concludes our ideal pampering session, and with all those treatments, scents and soaks you should be feeling a lot more relaxed.

Moon Juice - SuperYou Daily Stress Supplement

It’s important to take regular breaks to look after yourself like this, it can prevent lots of health issues and keep you at your most productive when you go back to work. As a quick stress reducer to use on even your busiest days, try a SuperYou daily stress supplement with natural plant-sourced goodness that will improve your energy, keep your cortisol levels up, preserve collagen and even help to control stress-related weight changes! Aside from supplements, and the occasional pamper session remember to eat well, hydrate yourself and take up mindful practices like meditation, yoga or conversations to keep yourself happy.

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