We Chat To KINGS About Her New EP 'Boy Tears'

"a bundle of how-to-get-over-your-ex anthems"


KINGS became viral on TikTok back in 2019, gathering over 70 million views (WOW!) for her raw and compelling vocals and candid lyrics. A string of singles propelled her into the limelight and caught the attention of an ever-growing fanbase. This week, released on Snafu Records, she drops her first EP ‘Boy Tears’ which is a collection of slick indie-pop tracks, inspired by relationship catharsis and served alongside a generous helping of self-empowerment. 

"boy tears is my way of saying, I cried over a really dumb boy, probably too much, then I realized, why the hell am I crying when I could be screaming these songs in my car at 2am. I couldn’t be more stoked to share these stories with my audience. If I can help just one person going through a heartbreak with these songs, that’s all I can ask for honestly." 

Listen to the full EP here.

We chatted to KINGS about the EP, her influences and inspirations, growing up in Nashville and her plans for the year ahead.

Hey, KINGS! Tell us about your debut EP, ‘Boy Tears’ and what’s the inspiration behind the new single ‘Boy'?

‘Boy Tears’ is a bundle of how-to-get-over-your-ex anthems. As each song tells a different story, they all fit into the same heartbreak season of life we all have lived before. This is definitely one of my favorite projects I’ve created & I’m so stoked it’s finally out. The inspiration behind the new single ‘Boy’ is obviously a boy situation. I loved being able to throw everything in my head about this boy into one song & that’s exactly what we did with this track. Every line we wrote is intentional & is a crucial part of the story, aka my life.

Give us a bit of background. What are your earliest memories of music and songwriting?

In short, I was singing in my crib. Coming from a musical family, I was always singing, dancing, writing, watching Hannah Montana. Ya know, the usual. I knew for a fact in my little 6 year old brain, I was going to be a recording artist. I never stopped singing, & wrote my first entire song right when I turned 9. Although, my music has gotten a little better since then, thank god, I still think back to how big my dreams were as a child & how I’m currently living them out.

You live between Nashville and Los Angeles, right? How do these environments shape your songwriting process? 

Nashville definitely raised me in terms of my songwriting. Most of the best songwriters in the world live there & I couldn’t have asked for a better place to learn & grow. Living now in LA, I know my sound as an artist & have found many incredible writers & producers who continuously help grow my sound as well. 

Who are your favorite songwriters and what music sparks your creativity?

I listen to everything from classical to techno, but three of my absolute favorite artists are Rihanna, Taylor Swift & Dermot Kennedy. For me, there’s a certain beauty to finding inspiration in anything & everything. I’ve been really vibing with ambient pop & alt pop recently.

What’s coming up for you in 2022? We’d love to know more!

Lots & lots & lots of music. I am constantly writing & want to give my fans anything & everything I have. At the end of the day, creating art for others to listen, cry, laugh, or heal to is the reason I do what I do. I couldn’t be more stoked to share everything I’ve been working on.


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