BLACKPINK's Jisoo Goes Viral With New Hairstyle

Fans are stunned and we are too.


Jisoo was spotted at Incheon Airport in Seoul on her way to Paris where she will attend the Dior Fashion show held this Tuesday. Dressed in full Christian Dior, her outfit consisted of flared pants, a short-sleeved sweater and the D-joy bag in black. As a global ambassador for the brand, the young woman played her role flawlessly. 

The K-pop star also surprised fans with a new hairstyle. She bleached her ends in a vibrant blonde contrasting with her natural dark hair. This hair change could also tease an upcoming BLACKPINK album and a new era for the group. The hairstyle made such an impression that “HER HAIR” began trending worldwide on Twitter. 

Jisoo should be joined by Jennie who will attend fashion week as Chanel global ambassador. Only Rosé should be absent this season. The Saint-Laurent muse was tested positive for covid-19 just before boarding. Lisa’s presence is still uncertain as Celine doesn’t follow the official schedule.


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