BLACKPINK’s Rosé Has Opened Her Own YouTube Channel

Get an intimate look into the life of the international K-pop star.


Rosé, a quarter of the K-pop group BLACKPINK, has opened her own YouTube channel just a few days after the release of her first solo album.

The channel opened on the 18th March and a video entitled ROSÉ | Interview Film was posted on the same day. The five-minute video features home footage of Rosé’s childhood in New Zealand and Australia. The singer goes on to talk about her turbulent relationship with music and the meaning of her debut song On the Ground.

Rosé is the third BLACKPINK member to open their own YouTube channel. In 2019 Lisa opened the channel Lilifilm where she often posts choreography videos, and earlier this year Jennie opened Jennierubyjane Official where she has posted a handful of vlogs.

Despite the channel only being four days old, it has accumulated 1.79 million subscribers and Rosé’s first video was the most watched on YouTube for 24 hours after its release.

Rosé released her debut album R earlier this month which featured the two singles Gone and, On the Ground, which she is currently promoting.


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