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4 Ways Female Entrepreneurs Can Reach Their Goals

Actionable tips to keep you focused and on track.


Whether you are dreaming about opening your own business or have already started your own company, you are probably always thinking about your many work-related goals. These can range from launching your new company by the end of this summer and adding a certain number of clients by the third quarter, to hoping to earn a specific amount of money in 2019.

No matter what your goals may be in your future or current world of entrepreneurship, there are a number of tips you can try that will help you to get where you want to go. For instance, the following four actionable tips can keep you focused and on track as you work toward opening or growing your company:

Seek Out Female Role Models and Mentors

Unfortunately, there is a gender bias in the work world. One of the reasons that this issue persists is a lack of female role models. To help overcome this problem and find female mentors who can cheer you on, consider attending women-only business networking events and collaborating with other women who have already launched a successful company. By having at least one strong, successful and supportive female entrepreneur in your corner, you can do a lot to overcome gender bias—and then you can pay it forward one day by mentoring another woman who wants to open her own company.

Look for Opportunities to Get Your Entrepreneurial Feet Wet

If you are still deciding what type of business you want to open and are nervous that you don’t have enough experience in sales and other needed skills, you may want to start off by working for an established company that will teach you what you need to know to be successful. For instance, you can start your own business right away and make money online through companies like Amway. As this YouTube video explains, Amway gives budding entrepreneurs the chance to set up their own direct sales business and work as Independent Business Owners. The Amway money plan is three-tiered and involves earning an income by selling the company's products to customers, as well as through rewards and bonuses.

Make a To Do List—Every Single Day

To help reach your goals as an entrepreneur, you definitely need a master plan of sorts that details everything you hope to achieve with your new company. To help accomplish these larger tasks, make a daily to-do list that will help you achieve the smaller goals that are part of the larger plan. For example, if one of your goals is to “Add 10 new clients by the end of the year,” your daily to-do list could include things like “Set up social media pages on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram” and “Research how to obtain local email lists for marketing.”

Don’t Be Afraid to Re-Evaluate

Sometimes, when you are starting a new company, you are understandably so excited about the process that you skip evaluating your progress and possibly tweaking your business plan. At least once every few months—and perhaps more often if you’d like—you should look at your master plan and your smaller goals and see how things are moving along. If everything is going well, that’s great! But if certain parts of your business plans are languishing or not doing what you had hoped, it may be time to re-evaluate and come up with some new approaches. This is a great time to speak with your mentor—she may have ideas on how to adjust your business plan to more effectively meet your goals.

You Can Do It!

You have the vision and the dream—now, with the help of some actionable tips, you can achieve your goals of being a successful entrepreneur. By finding other women to support you, starting off by working for a company that has your back, and staying on top of your smaller and larger plans, you will be well on your way to owning a thriving business.


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