Want That Sleek Contoured Nose Look?

Revolution have you covered!


Over the recent years, we’ve seen the contouring trends develop. From heavily defined cheekbones to a more gentle, bronzed look. Nose contouring, however, is one of the harder ones to get used to. 

It’s a common issue to struggle with nose contouring. From the harsh lines that won’t blend out to applying the contour in the correct position, so it defines the nose rather than having the opposite effect. Well, worry not as we’ve got you and your nose covered! 

Revolution Beauty have a nose contouring set to make it easier for you to contour your nose! The Revolution contour and shadow crayons are designed to make the contouring experience simple!

Ranging in various shades based on your skin tone, you have a great selection and can opt with a lighter shade if you struggle with blending it out. The applicator makes it very easy for you to apply the contour to your nose, keeping the line sleek. 

The main thing you need to remember is that a little goes a long way, so use a light hand and take your time! 

Retailing at $12, the Revolution contour crayons can be purchased online.


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