How To Contour And Bronze Correctly

Making your cheekbones pop and creating a sun-kissed glow.


As trends come and go, contouring and bronzing is one that has stuck around for a while. Sculpting the face and creating a nice sun-kissed glow, these two techniques help create your whole makeup look. However, it can be quite confusing to figure out how to contour and how to bronze. Well, worry no more as we have all the answers right here! 


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The most important thing you need to know is do not use bronzer to contour. These are two different things. Contour is cool toned and is used to emphasize the natural shadows and dimension of your bone structure. Used to lift your cheekbones and define your jawline, contour does not add warmth to the skin. 



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In contrast to contour, bronzer is warm toned and is used to create a nice, sun-kissed glow to the face. Bronzer draws attention to the face as it provides a golden glow. 


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Contouring with bronzer won’t create the intended effect of contour. Rather than defining the cheekbones, it will just add warmth. However, when done properly, contour and bronzer help make your entire makeup look come together!

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