We Need To Talk About Voter Suppression

Some states are much harder to vote in, why aren’t people talking about it?


This election has been constantly all over the news, but do you know what hasn’t? The fact that some states are harder to vote in than others. As we watch the votes come in you have to wonder, is everyone’s vote taken and counted fairly? 

Let’s look at Michigan for example, this is a highly contentious swing state, Republicans here tried to stifle attempts to count the record-high number of absentee ballots before Election Day. This would have shortened the delay in vote counts and made the process a whole lot smoother. Of course, now president Trump is claiming “voter fraud,” (falsely, we might add) and threatening Supreme Court action. 

In another case, the United States Postal Service, spearheaded by a top Trump donor Louis Dejoy, ignored a court ordered deadline to sweep mail facilities in more than a dozen states for missing election ballots. It’s more than likely thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of ballots are flat out missing. The president even makes a point of calling his supporters to join his “poll-watching army,” making it clear that he perhaps wants to demotivate Democratic voters. MAGA flags can be seen toting up and down polling station lines as if a castle is to be defended, not the most comforting sight. This voter aggression has gone as far as a caravan attempting to run a Biden-Harris campaign bus off a Texan highway. 

Although it has been encouraging seeing all of the ‘VOTE’ messages plastered across social media, for some it may not be as simple as that. It can’t be as clean cut as ‘red states’ and ‘blue states’, it’s more like ‘easy to vote’ states and ‘difficult to vote’ states. 

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