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Vogue Gives Us A Raw And Emotional Look Through The Models’ Lense

Think big. Think Vogue.


“What do you want to be when you grow up?”
A doctor, a ballet dancer, an actor, a fire-fighter …
“A supermodel.”

A childhood dream for many; the vision of strutting down a designer runway, posing for a Nick Knight shoot or making an appearance in Vogue – the world-dominating fashion magazine – is, in simple terms, career gold. From the outside looking in, the lavish lifestyle paired with beautiful clothing sounds surreal, no? 

However, what does it actually take to work as a professional model?

Vogue has created a four-part series for their YouTube channel, offering an insight into the real life of models. Each episode is filmed like black and white story time, as models sit down and discuss personal experiences within their work. A brief insider to the realms of modeling offers viewers a little food for thought: can a career in the most attractive industry sometimes be ugly?

In the final chapter of these uploads, women such as Chanel Iman, Paloma Elsesser and Alex Wek address topics such as prejudice, career barriers and the competitive nature that exists within modeling. Suddenly, the roles are reversed and Vogue has given each model a platform to project their voice. 


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