The Victoria Secret Fashion Show is Returning

Too little, too late for this reboot?


After a four-year hiatus, the industry’s top models are once again ready to don their angel wings. The controversial lingerie company announced their plans to bring their annual televised fashion show out of retirement. Victoria Secret’s CFO Timothy Johnson said in a statement the company will embrace “marketing spend to invest in the business,” including supporting “the new version of our fashion show, which is to come later this year.”

The announcement was met with mixed reception, with some claiming Victoria Secret’s efforts to be more size-inclusive are insufficient, while others were glad to see exciting fashion and live musical performances. The VS Fashion Show promises to be a “new version,” with many predicting to see more diversity and size-inclusivity on the runway this time around. 



The 2019 Victoria Secret Fashion Show was canceled due to a slew of allegations and complaints that plagued the brand. From the allegations of the former CEO’s ties to criminal Jeffery Epstein, brand’s lack of diversity, declining sales, and bullying accusations, the show was axed so the lingerie company could save face and re-brand. 

Pop star Lizzo, however, wasn’t too pleased with Victoria Secret’s more inclusive campaigns, calling out the performativity. 

“This is a win for inclusivity for inclusivity’s sake,” tweeted the singer on March 5th. “But if brands start doing this only because they’ve received backlash then what happens when the ‘trends’ change again?

In its heyday, models like Heidi Klum, Adriana Lima, and Gisele Bundchen, strutted the stage in signature angel wings, with no model over size two in sight. Rihanna’s Fenty Shows of recent prove size inclusivity and thrilling theatrics are possible for the runway world. We’ll have to wait and see if Victoria Secret can deliver a fun fashion fashion showing the crushing beauty standards and exclusion. 

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