Million Women Rise to Protest Male Violence

Together we can end violence against women and girls.


Hundreds of women took to the streets of London to end male violence against women and girls. The Million Women Rise protest took place on Saturday 4th, March, as women marched through central London to Trafalgar Square. The protest set out to raise awareness of the lack of action taken against male violence. 

Million Women Rise is a group led by black women, who speak out against the government's failure to protect women and girls who are subjected to violence, neglect, and trauma. 

Michelle Daley, a member of Million Women Rise, told The BBC: "The ongoing deaths of women and girls through neglect and harm in so-called places of 'care' is devastating."



The large group consisted of women and girls of all ages – some as young as pre-schoolers walked with their fellow feminists. Drummers and chanters on microphones led the group, who drew attention to the protest. Most women held signs that read, 'Together we can end male violence against women,' 'Million Women Rise,' and 'STOP ABUSING WOMEN.' Many of the signs read statements that spoke out against the oppression of women in Iran. These signs read: 'NO to the compulsory hijab' - regarding the hijab that was made compulsory by the Islamic Republic of Iran. 

You can sign the petition to abolish the compulsory veiling here

The women also pushed for the proper vetting of Metropolitan Police officers, after David Carrick admitted to being a serial rapist while serving as a police officer earlier this year. 

Farah Naz told The Metro, "We already know that domestic violence leads to so many deaths and, that as it is not treated as any other form of violence, we have seen a lack of convictions which then releases men to murder women."

In regard to their recent protest, Million Women Rise have listed their demands on their website. One of the demands pleads for International Women's Day to become a National Bank Holiday in the UK, and Ireland – to recognize and celebrate women's achievements.

International Women's Day takes place this week, on Wednesday 8th, March. 

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