Jenna Ortega Defends Gen Z Against Stereotyped Media Portrayal

All while taking “Hot Ones’” spicy wings like a champ!


Jenna Ortega, queen of the dead-panned teens, is tired of the common Gen Z kid stereotypes she’s faced with in scripts. On the popular YouTube interview show "Hot Ones," Ortega braved the spicy wings and answered host Sean Evans' question about Gen Z tropes that bother her. Noting her “younger” look, Ortega defends her generation, saying they deserve “more credit.” 

“It's always the bratty teen, bad mouth teen or a lot of times unintelligent, which I don’t think is true,” the actress said on the episode which aired last Thursday. 

Ortega spent her career playing teenagers, from captivatingly macabre Wednesday Addams on Netflix’s "Wednesday" to fan-favorite Ellie on "You." As a Gen Z actress taking on Gen Z roles, the 20-year-old has a unique perspective, often finding herself in the daunting position of being the youngest on set. Ortega, however, refuses to sit in the passenger seat, taking control of her "Wednesday" role while working with powerhouse director Tim Burton. 

“We can be smart sometimes,” Ortega said. 

The "Hot Ones" interview saw the actress handle the hot sauce like a true professional. She held her own against the scorching wings that broke former guests, never really cracking her poker face—props to Jenna. 

In Scream VI, the former Disney Channel star can show off her horror chops once again as she faces off against teen killer Ghostface. Stepping into a “final girl” role, Ortega stars alongside Scream franchise veterans Courtney Cox and Hayden Panettiere. We can’t wait to watch. 

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