Get The Saltburn Look: The New Trend Of LFW?

The haunting beauty of cinematic fashion


Say goodbye to subtle elegance and say hello to loud, flashy glam. This LFW season has told us to forget everything we thought we knew about fashion. The theme of simple wealth has been so central in the designs of fashion wear, that we almost forgot there was any other way to dress. This week has signaled an end to neutral-toned designs and now entering extravagant, bling fashion.

The Saltburn Effect 

In an era where cinema and catwalks entwine, the "Saltburn effect," a term coined from the atmospheric allure of Emerald Fennell's latest film, casts a long shadow over the runways. Saturday’s catwalk shows by Erdem and Simone Rocha were engulfed with dramatic tulle dresses and elbow-length gloves that looked as if they had been fetched straight out of the wardrobe of Elspeth Catton, the eccentric matriarch played by Rosamund Pike in Emerald Fennell’s perverse social satire film. However, designers like Erdem and Simone Rocha unveil their collections inspired by operatic grandeur and Victorian mourning. We can begin to see the shift in fashion visions, with the emergence of linking fashion to cinema.

Erden Moralioğlu 

Erdem Moralıoğlu, whose artistic confluence and visionary audacity are showcased in many of his shows. This February his narrative-driven designs unveiled a collection that showcases tales of tragedy and grand opera powers, drawing inspiration from the legendary Greek soprano Maria Callas. His models, adorned in red-painted floral taffeta and marabou feather coats, seemed to flaunt the runway lightly, embodying Callas's elegant performances and troubled life.



Simone Rocha

Meanwhile, Simone Rocha's "The Wake" highlights some similar themes of ethereal beauty. This show delved into the depths of mourning and remembrance, with Queen Victoria's underpinnings serving as inspiration. The collection, featuring floating corsets, human hair earrings, and even bedazzled platform Crocs, offered a modern interpretation of Victorian mourning dress, combined with Rocha's signature avant-garde sensibilities.
This LFW threads the cinematic inspiration of "Saltburn" to the personal stories of its attendees - weaves together a narrative of creative resilience and transformative beauty. The collections of Erdem and Simone Rocha, with their nods to operatic tragedy and Victorian mourning, reflect a fashion week that is as much about storytelling as it is about style.



What to Expect Next?

As the week progresses, the upcoming showcases promise to continue this narrative, offering new chapters in a story that captivates and inspires. The anticipation builds for the shows of JW Anderson, Conner Ives, and Burberry. Each designer, promises to add new dimensions to the week's unfolding story. In the world of showcasing designs, the beauty lies not just in the moment of performance, but within how you tell the stories that make the fashion.