UGG Goes Carbon-Neutral With Their Plant Power Collection

Check out the new version of the Fluff Yeah Sandal!


For years, UGG has been using sheepskin to create their iconic boots. This has earned them criticism from many, especially PETA and vegans. But now, UGG offers a more sustainable and cruelty-free option with their Plant Power collection for the Fall/Winter 2022 season. According to Senior Director of Brand Purpose at UGG, Nicks Ericsson, this collection is part of UGG’s initiative to use more plant-based materials and become more carbon-neutral. This collection consists of sandals and boots made from renewable and natural materials but still has the colorful and clean look that we’re used to getting from UGG.

The main resource being used for these shoes is TENCEL Lyocell, which is used to create the iconic UGG fluff. This is wood pulp that is converted into the fibers that make up the fluff. This material is used in the adorable Fluff Sugar Sandals and Platforms. The Fluff Yeah Fuzz Sugar Sandal was on everyone’s shopping list this year, and this version is not only more sustainable, but also fluffier and even more adorable. The sandals come in light, summery colors like blue, pink and yellow and of course have the UGG branded strap across the back of the sandal. The Fluff Sugar Platforms are also made with a Sugar Sole, which is made from sugarcane, which not only replaces the need for the fossil fuel ethylene, but the crop also absorbs Carbon dioxide. 

This collection also features Neumel Natural Boots, which are short boots made with hemp and TENCEL Lyocell. The boots come in Rose Pink and Wheat Brown and are made mostly of Hevea rubber and fiber, which is 45% hemp and 55% cotton. Not only is hemp a natural resource, but for every pound of fiber produced, hemp plants absorb 3.58 pounds of CO2 from the air. 

This collection is not only a great way for UGG to kick off their Fall/Winter season, but also an important step towards sustainability. UGG is such a well-known brand, and their shoes are staples in so many women’s closets. We can that UGG will continue in this direction and become a sustainable and eco-friendly role model for other brands.

The Plant Power collection is now shoppable on UGG’s website and is priced from $110-$145.

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