Tinder Bans "Fish Pics" in April Fools’ Joke

Some things are just too good to be true.


Men of Tinder beware! The dating app revealed in a press release the site would be taking down any “fish pics” from its users’ profiles in a “fish-free” initiative. Addressing the phenomena of (mostly) straight men holding a freshly-caught, dead fish in their dating profile, Tinder is taking it upon themselves to remove the unsightly photos, effective immediately. “Tinder will begin removing fish pics on profiles globally starting today, making it easier than ever for members to reel in a catch,” said the brand’s press release.



Just kidding! Tinder dashed our dreams of a fish-pic-free app with this prank just in time for April Fools'. While we encourage you to get more creative with your dating profile, photos of shirtless men in sunglasses holding a two-foot trout will live to see another day. 

Tinder was quite tongue-in-cheek in its teasing statement, saying of the fake ban "because let’s face it - no one looks good holding a slimy fish.”

“A recent Tinder study revealed 92% of singles reported “getting the ick” after coming across a potential match’s fish pic,” said the brand. Tinder revealed these statistics were fake too, but we would guess a real survey wouldn’t be too far off.

This isn’t the first time the dating site had users confused after an April Fools' Day joke. In 2019, the app landed into controversy with its fake “height verification” feature. Tinder-users took to Twitter to express concern over the feature that would supposedly block inaccurate height reporting. All in good fun, gents!



Let’s petition Tinder to make this "fish-ban" a reality. Happy swiping this April Fools' Day!

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