Timeless Style Tips for This Summer and the Years to Come

Curate your ultimate summer wardrobe.


Summer clothes are a joy to buy and style, particularly when you shop from a high-quality and timeless summer wear collection. It is these pieces that you will reach for again and again because they bring all the summer vibes while also keeping you cool, calm and collected.

To help you curate your ultimate summer wardrobe, read on for the timeless style tips you need for this summer and the years to come.


1. Prioritise breathable fabrics.

The best summer wardrobe is one that includes plenty of breathable fabrics.

Generally, some of the best breathable fabrics for summer include linen, cotton, chambray, and rayon. Linen is ideal for hot weather as the natural fibre and light weave provides maximum breathability no matter what you are doing and where you are going. You can find linen pieces in a range of styles from dresses to pants, shorts to blazers, and everything in-between.

There is a reason that cotton is one of the world's most worn fabrics; it is fitting for all climates, including those areas that often experience dry heat or humidity. Similar to linen, cotton is a natural fibre that permits air to circulate through it, significantly helping you to stay cool in the heat. Just remember that cotton often shrinks when it is put in the dryer, so it’s better to hang dry your cotton pieces.

Chambray is another type of cotton with a high thread count, producing a finer weave and is a more breathable fabric. This material looks similar to denim, making it a good choice for when you want that carefree look but with a lighter fabric.

Rayon is not a natural fibre, so it isn't quite as effective at keeping you cool as these other options. However, this material works well in dry heat as it is thinner than cotton, making it perfect for delicate garments.

By prioritising having these materials in your summer wardrobe, you will find that you have the pieces you need to stay cool and stylish for many seasons to come.


2. Opt for pieces with delicate embroidery techniques.

If you want to curate a summer wardrobe filled with items that you want to wear repeatedly, you need to find pieces that reflect good summer vibes. Garments that feature delicate embroidery techniques are an excellent option as they are timeless and feminine yet still bring personality to each piece.

For example, the Scarlett Poppies Sunstone Collection features relaxed yet feminine items that blend simple shapes with delicate embroidery techniques and sun-inspired vibes. The collection includes pieces such as maxi dresses, linen shorts, breezy jumpsuits, and oversized kimonos – all of which are guaranteed to bring sunshine to your life and closet.

One of the best parts of wearing embroidered pieces is that they are so versatile while also remaining sophisticated. These pieces can be styled with more basic items and neutral colours, as it always looks lovely to have the embroidered garment be the central focus of your outfit.

In addition to embroidery, you may also want to include other timeless embellishments in your summer wardrobe, including lace, crochet or applique elements.


3. Keep your accessories classic.

In addition to the clothing items in your closet, you also need to consider which accessories you are going to wear the most. For this reason, it is also recommended that you build up a solid collection of classic accessories before moving into purchasing more unique pieces.

For starters, you are going to need a pair of classic two-strap sandals. This style is ideal for warm days and evenings because it helps keep your feet cool while also elongating the shape of your legs.

Other timeless summer shoe styles include fancy flip-flops, square-toed heeled sandals, retro sneakers, strappy sandals, and classic loafers. White sneakers are another must-have summer shoe as they are fresh and minimalistic and can be worn on both busy days and relaxed weekends.

Oversized sunglasses and gold earrings are other timeless accessories that you can wear with any outfit. A wide brim hat will be your best friend during the summer months; wear it while you are lounging by the pool, hanging in the garden, or sitting with friends on a patio.

Similarly, a straw tote handbag will pair nicely with all the natural fibres in your wardrobe and is sturdy enough to hold everything you want to take with you to the beach, pool or elsewhere.


4. Create comfortable, pared-down ensembles that you can wear repeatedly.

One of the best ways to make your closet work for you is to ensure that you have a selection of go-to comfortable, pared-down ensembles in your closet that you can reach for over and over again. Then, when you have these outfits sorted, you can always be sure that you have something to wear – which means less time staring into the depths of your closet, not knowing what to wear, and more time experiencing summer.

An easy but stylish go-to summer outfit is one that incorporates several white pieces. Even with just simple separates (such as a T-shirt and jeans), an all-white look fulfils the needs of summer. Pair your high-quality slouchy white T-shirt with a pair of straight-leg denim or denim shorts and accessorize with gold jewellery and a straw tote.

Another fantastic summer outfit is a midi-length dress with lace-up sandals. This dressier outfit looks put-together but can easily transition from the beach or pool to dinner. Pair this look with some delicate jewellery, cat-eye sunglasses, and simple make-up for a gorgeous summer outfit.

A third option is to pair a crisp button-down shirt with a printed mini skirt. This pairing is chic, feminine, and put-together, especially when you style it with a straw bag and strappy heeled sandals that allow you to take part in all of the day's adventures easily.

What do you think are the essential elements of a timeless summer wardrobe? What materials and garments do you like to wear during the hottest months of the year? What other tips and tricks do you have for those who are looking to upgrade their closet?