The New TikTok Health Trend: Liquid Chlorophyll

Whats the hype all about?


Scroll down your TikTok ‘for you page’ and you’ll probably come across a person adding some mysterious green drops into their water. Claiming this drink has incredible health benefits, liquid chlorophyll has grabbed the attention of many. With 58.5 million views under the hashtag #chlorophyll on Tiktok, this trend is taking over the social media app. But, why are people drinking it? Here’s the rundown. 



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First of all, you might recognise that chlorophyll is something that comes from algae and plants. Yes, chlorophyll is a rich pigment that can be found in the foods we eat such as kale and spinach. So if you eat your greens, you’ll receive plenty of chlorophyll anyway. Yipee!

So far we know that chlorophyll is beneficial for health and wellness with some of these benefits including skin healing, reducing inflammation, improving the quality of red blood cells, weight loss, detoxification, and a natural deodorant according to Healthline



Reposting since everyone’s trying it! Please keep in mind that I’m not a dr & this is MY experience with chlorophyll🍀 ##chlorophyll ##chlorophyllwater

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It is important to note that there is little research to support liquid chlorophyll and its benefits therefore there is an absence of knowledge about its effectiveness, the precise amount to use and potential side effects. Healthline states, side effects of drinking liquid chlorophyll can include digestive problems, diarrhea and itching or burning. However, the substance is not toxic in any way.

Always speak with your doctor first before taking a new supplement. Liquid chlorophyll is available to purchase on Amazon.


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