Spring's Hottest New Accessory - The Crocheted Hat

Don't worry, you don't have to DIY it.


Somehow, it’s already April – and although it’s still a little chilly, Spring has undeniably sprung… and with it, a whole new range of bright, cheerful and colorful trends. And perhaps the most exciting of these is the sudden arrival of crocheted hats. Cosy enough to keep the cold off of your ears, but cute and summer-y enough to work with a sundress, they’re the perfect mid-season accessory.

Although it might remind you of something you might wear if you ever took up gardening, the crocheted hat is a fantastic opportunity to straddle the line between Gen Z cool-girl fashion, cottage-core and the kind of thing your school art teacher might have rocked - and luckily for us, plenty of brands have already stepped up to fulfil this fantasy.

Multicolor Heaven by Marc Jacobs Crochet Psychedelic Bucket Hat

Heaven by Marc Jacobs, M. Hiratmatsu and Fluffy have already dropped a selection of their own, among others. 

Of course, if you’re really looking to stand out, the best place to find one of these hats is probably Depop, a local market or – even better – begging your Grandma to help you out. 


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